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Braces and supports are designed to provide stability and support during rehabilitation and after surgery. By limiting the motion of the affected area, this speeds up the healing process, whilst also providing relief and reducing pressure.


Ligament Knee Support                        Wrist Brace                               

Knee Ligament Brace                              Wrist Brace                                   Ankle Stabiliser                                      Ortho Walker 11 and 17 inch


Patellar Tendonitis Orthosleeve               Wrist Orthosleeve                              Plantar Fasciitis Orthosleeve                            Tennis Elbow Orthosleeve

Knee Orthosleeve                          Wrist Orthosleeve                                 Plantar Fasciitis Orthosleeve                 Tennis Elbow Orthosleeve



Lumbar Support                  Posture Support Brace                                             Arm Sling

Lumbar Support Brace                    Posture Support Brace                                       Elbow Crutches                                          Arm Sling

Massage Equipment:   A quick and easy way to help relieve sore or stiff parts of your body until you can see your physiotherapist. ITB rollers can be used on various parts of your body for a variety of  applications.  Bak Balls and Trigger Balls are simple, portable and affordable which are designed to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension.The use of Bak Balls can immediately reduce your pain and stiffness.  You can use Bak Balls in your home or take in to the office, sporting events or in the car to treat back pain and stiffness. The ITB roller can be used to suit a variety of applications including stretching and strengthening. Commonly used for ITB Friction syndrome, Hamstring injuries & general leg stretching.



                  Bak Ball                                         Crossfit Balls                                        Trigger Balls                                   ITB Rollers

Exercise & Rehabilitation: After a consultation with your physiotherapist, you may be required to continue with exercises to help with your rehabilitation. It’s extremely important that you continue with these exercises as your physiotherapist is helping to reduce your down time and get you back to 100% as quickly as possible. We offer a range of bands, tubing and shoulder pulleys to help aid in your speedy recovery.



Resistance Bands                                  Resistance Tubing                                 Shoulder Pulleys


TENS Machine: (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) The ProTens Machine is a wonderful and very popular mid-range TENS Machine. Easy to use, powerful and effective pain relief with adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, intensity, modes and accurate timer of 15, 30 and 60 mins.

A TENS machine may help you with modest short-term pain relief.

Allcare TENS machine kit (Battery Powered) includes 1 x TENS Machine, 4 x square Electrodes, 1 x Battery, 2 x Leads, 1 x Carry case and 1 x Instruction Booklet.

ProTens Battery Powered TENS Machine


Flexall Gel: Powerful relief from this unique Mentholated Aloe Vera Gel formula enriched with Vitamin E. Contains 7% Menthol as the active agent. Gently massage on to sore muscles, or use in conjunction with Ultrasound therapy for lasting effects.
Provides temporary, penetrating relief for painful muscles and joints. Treat your sore muscles and arthritic joints with the same pain relieving gel endorsed by leading professional US athletic trainers and used by the world’s top athletes.
Assists with temporary pain relief from: Arthritis pain, bursitis, tendonitis, backache, muscular tension, strains and sprains, bruises and cramps.
The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help to soothe the skin after the product has been rubbed in. Easy to apply and greaseless.

Flexall Gel


Anti-Flamme Cream: Nature’s Kiss Herbal cream soothes strained muscles, relieves joint aches, bumps, bruises and common sports injuries. Anti-Flamme Extra contains a carefully selected range of natural plant based oils: Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum, Clove and Eucalyptus.

Anti-Flamme Extra


Pillows: Do you suffer from headaches, numbness in the arms, hands and neck or stiffness?  You may be using the wrong pillow. A good pillow can be just as important as having a good mattress in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Crafted from safe and hypoallergenic medical grade materials, they are beautifully soft and ever so supportive. The therapeutic double contour is ideal for both side and back sleepers. These gold standard pillows are often referred to as ergonomic or cervical neck support pillows because they encourage the perfect sleeping posture.

If you suffer from the above please ask your physiotherapist about this at your next appointment.

Posture Form Pillows


Cold Packs: A reusable cold pack ideal for providing soothing cold therapy. The soft and durable cover ensures durability when used regularly and are perfect for the continuous treatment of an injury at home. Use as an instant ice pack during the early stages following an injury to help minimise pain and swelling.

Product Features: Non toxic Biodegradable silica gel. Sizes available – Large and Small

Cold Packs – Large and Small sizes