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Pre-Employment Screening

What is pre-employment screening and why is it important?

Pre-employment screening is the process of evaluating your physical ability to meet the daily demands of the job.  Employers request a pre-employment physical to limit their risk of accidently hiring someone who could place themselves or others at risk.  If you’re accepting a new job that requires physical duties, then you’ll be glad to know that those you’re working with have passed a physical exam for employment too.

The exact test conducted during a pre-employment screening will depend on the needs of your employer.  The functional assessment includes tests of your physical abilities and you may be tested for common work positions, such as standing, kneeling, squatting, walking and crouching.  It may also include lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, working overhead and climbing.

What You Should Bring to a Pre-Employment Screening

First, it’s important to wear the right type of clothing. Loose clothes allow you to move better. Typically, you’re advised to wear gym clothes to the employment pre-screening. Your footwear should be closed-in and flat. Sneakers or work boots are acceptable. If you wear glasses, you should bring them because they’ll be required for the vision assessment, and you’ll need them for filling out paperwork. You should also bring a valid photo ID.

What to Expect After the Pre-Employment Screening

First, you can expect the results of your test to be handled with the strictest confidence. The privacy act protects your information. In order for the employer to receive the full report, they must have systems in place to protect your information from non-essential personnel. Many times, a summary of the results will be sent to your employer highlighting the most important results. You will need to follow up with your potential employer directly for further processing and answering of questions about the pre-employment screening itself.

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