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Improve Your Posture


Improving your posture gives you more control over your body. By not working to establish good posture, you allow gravity to take control of how your body moves and functions. The right posture is also instantly noticeable by the people in your life. It sends a signal of health and vitality. Likewise, proper posture has been shown to achieve an elevated mood and state of mind. You also avoid the mental, emotional, and physical setbacks of neck and back pain. That is why you should work to improve your posture.

What Causes Posture Alignment Problems?

A lack of proper posture can come from many different sources:

  • Injury
  • Your Patterns & Movement Habits
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Overuse of Left or Right Hand
  • A Protection Response to Pain
  • And Stress

If there is too much muscle tension in one part of your body, then the muscles shorten. This effect places extra stress on the joint and surrounding soft tissue, such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. During your physical therapy exam, this type of tension will show itself as reduced flexibility, loss of strength, curbed range of motion and poor posture alignment. You may feel pain at the site itself. However, it’s not uncommon for pain to surface at another point in your body that may be compensating for the loss.

Are There Exercises to Improve Posture?

Yes, physiotherapy includes exercises to improve posture and align the core muscle group of the back and shoulders. By not taking the time to improve your posture, your nerves and spinal cord can stretch and become irritated. This condition can weaken the health of your nerve system and have consequences for your entire mind and body. Physiotherapy corrects these posture imbalances and removes the burden of stress from your nerves. You will experience improved communication between your mind and body. Good posture and a structurally sound body resists stress and functions at its highest potential.

Physio On Ross Posture Alignment

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of proper posture, then contact us at Physio On Ross today. We can help you realign your mind and body for improved functioning and an elevated mood. You’ll be glad you decided to improve your posture.