Physio Services for Townsville

If you’ve just come away from soreness, injury, surgery or general pain, then you’re probably wondering how physiotherapy can help you. At Physio On Ross, our treatments help those in Townsville, North Queensland to relieve pain, strengthen the body, speed up recovery and get your body back to proper functioning. If you need to get back to work, school, sports, or simply your daily routine, then physiotherapy will cut down your waiting time.

Services at our practice Include


Physical Examinations

Neck and Back Pain Physio

Improve Your Posture

Pre-Employment Screening

Custom Physio Exercises

Treatment Customised To You

Your situation is unique. Nobody else has your personal history, bone structure, height, weight, age, and other unique factors exactly the same as you. That’s why you need a custom treatment to recover as fast as possible. At Physio On Ross you get a programme customised personally to you. We help you relieve your pain, shorten your recovery time and get you active as quickly as possible. That’s why we customise your treatments and home programs to help you get the best and fastest results.

Pain Management and Beyond

When you’re suffering physically, nothing else seems important. That’s why we work to immediately bring you relief. Our pain management techniques are designed to gently relieve pressure and tension in the tightest areas of your body. Beyond managing your pain, we work to strengthen and improve the musculoskeletal structure of your body to prevent future pain from happening again. Our physiotherapy services also include educating you about the proper use of your body, so you are less likely to experience the same conditions that caused your problem in the first place.

Why Choose Townsville’s Physio On Ross?

At Physio On Ross, we give you the programme to help you on the road to recovery in the shortest time possible and only use relevant exercise programs and effective massage techniques specifically to match your individual needs and hasten your recovery. We believe that to be a win-win philosophy for all of our clients.

Contact us today and get started on your recovery today.