Comprehensive, Physiotherapist-supervised, Custom-designed 12 Week knee recovery Program

Physio On Ross is proud to announce a newly developed program specifically for those with knee concerns or problems.  This Knee Recovery Program is designed to increase the strength and external muscular support of your knees, as well as the joints above and below your knee.

Research shows very clearly that improving this knee strength and muscular support can deliver pain reduction and better knee function.  This then can lead to better quality of life in all age groups.  

Physio On Ross Director and creator of this program Brett Cunningham says “After 35 years of experience helping people with joint problems, I have seen major improvements in pain and utility when strength is improved – no matter how bad the X-ray looks.  If we develop better quadriceps strength – without irritating you – we see great results.”

Not only do you generally see an improvement in pain with reductions in medications and anti-inflammatories, but also progress in walking, going up and down stairs, hobbies, sports, activities with grandkids and so on.  Every extra medication you can reduce is a step forward.  

This Knee Recovery Program is not suitable for everyone, and it does require commitment to complete.  For this reason there is a comprehensive assessment before beginning to ensure you will benefit.  It is not a “quick fix” approach, but rather a “build your strength slowly, carefully and without irritating your legs” approach.

For predictable results it is absolutely essential to keep the training level at the “Goldilocks” Level – not too hard, not too easy, just right!  And the training has to be continued consistently for 12 weeks – because that is how long it will take to methodically and carefully rebuild the strength of the joint, the muscles around and supporting it, as well as building up the joints above and below the knee.

Why Is This Program Important?

The reason we created this Knee Program is because the standard way that people with knee issues are treated is designed for people who are deeply interested, willing to take control of their knee rehabilitation and really do want to just learn what to do (a home treatment program) then go home and do it for themselves.  The trouble is that a big percentage of people have very busy lives, no real interest in the training specifics, and have trouble being diligent in doing their drills!  (This includes me.)

Consistency plus Goldilock’s Intensity on the right program plus allowing time to consolidate your progress are the key ingredients for improvements.  This is why our intensive Knee Recovery Program is completed under very close supervision of your Physio.  And why it takes 12 weeks.

This is the only knee program designed to:

    • Rebuild your knee and surrounding muscle strength, 
    • to work on the your hip and ankle strength and utility which is also essential, 
    • to give you the personal, customized physio supervision to ensure that the training is constantly at the right intensity (Goldilocks)
    • and to do this for long enough (12 weeks) for you to reap the benefits.

Why Do You Need To Train The Up and Down Stream Joints?

Your knees are part of a “chain” which is technically called the ‘lower limb’.  The knee must work in association with the joints above and below – mainly your hips plus ankle and calves.  If your knee has been a problem for a while (“chronic”) – your body will make your hip and ankles adapt to try and protect your knee or reduce the pain. This means that the way you walk will change, the position of your feet varies causing tightness and weakness.  Your hips will also lift, turn and otherwise change their positions – which can lead again to tightness and weakness but also to back pain, then shoulder, neck and head aches. 

This also makes the design of your training program more complex, harder to do by yourself at home, and another reason that having your physio keep it just right is very important.

Why Is The Program 12 Weeks Long?

To ensure the best chances of success and results the strength work needs to be completed consistently for 12 weeks.  That is the period of time neded to build muscle mass in a controlled, non-aggravating way.  It is essential that the training does not aggravate or cause inflammation for the this result, so it takes time.  

The 12 week Program is divided into two blocks of six weeks with an evaluation of progress at six weeks.

This Program Is Suitable For Several Categories of Knee Concerns Including:

  1.  Where there has been damage from a trauma or regular sport, and the knee is starting to deteriorate further
  2.  A knee problem that has been an issue for months or years for no apparent reason 
  3.  A known degenerative or arthritic knee condition
  4.  A knee that is being considered for surgery or joint replacement in the future 
  5.  A post operative surgical arthroscope or joint replacement that isn’t progressing as well as hoped or expected

Who Should Find Out More?

There are two main groups:

A.  Those with knee pain, feelings of tightness or restrictions, swelling or makes noises (called ‘crepitus’).

B.  Those whose knee concerns affect your involvement in activities including work or home duties, walking, sleep, stairs, sports (eg golf, tennis, touch football, soccer, bowls, etc), or your hobbies (like fishing or bushwalking)

Further Information  –  Physio Supervised Knee Strength & Recovery Program (12 weeks)

What Is This Program?

  • 12 Weeks of Individual Knee Training Sessions Custom Designed to bring strength and utility back to your knees.
  •  Designed for people who know that consistent, precisely delivered conditioning would help with their knees but are unlikely to do this training properly at home.
  •  Program starts with a thorough assessment to determine whether this program will help you. It will not help everyone.
  • If your condition is suitable, you have a customized training program for 3 sessions a week for the first 2 weeks, then 2 sessions per week for 10 more weeks. This is not a class-it is one-on-one close supervision.
  • Each session will be designed carefully to build on the previous session to ensure your strength grows while keeping risk of injury low.

Expected Benefits

  • Program is designed to increase the strength, stability, and alignment of your knees and adjacent joints.  As the muscles and sinew that hold your joint in place become stronger, stability improves.  More stability means more confidence and balance.  It also means less risk of injury from activities. 
  • As more blood flows into the region, oxygenation and nutrient supply to all tissue increases. This may result in decreased pain and inflammation.
  • It can be quite a challenge to do the training properly, in the right way, at the right challenge level. This program helps by having your physio guide each level and determine your rate of progress.  Not too hard, not too easy. “Goldilocks Training”.
  • The program is designed so that even if you do the bare minimum at home, and just do the twice-weekly sessions with your physio, you will see improvements. In this program, your physio is like your own personal trainer for your knees – and you get personal attention to get them strong again.

Once your assessment appointment is completed and your knees are determined suitable and accepted into the Program, results will come from attending your sessions and doing your best.

In the full program there are 26 sessions over 12 weeks for you to attend.  Outside of this program, this level of personal physiotherapy support would cost over $2,600 (Some Health Funds may reduce this.)

Program Fees


1. Comprehensive Initial Assessment to determine suitability and likely effectiveness of this program for you.                                                                $99

2. Program Fee


Block 1 – First Six Weeks. 14 sessions with 45-60 minute sessions.  3 Sessions per week for first 2 weeks, then 2 Sessions per week frequency for 4 weeks

Block 2 – Second 6 Weeks. 12 sessions with 45-60 minute sessions.  2 Sessions per week for 6 weeks.

Investment                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $2106

(Option – Just Block 1 – First Six Weeks which may be suitable for a minority                                                                                                                        $1162
All Private Health Funds With Extras Will Refund a Portion of Fees.


Your first step is to talk with Brett by phone to determine if you might be suitable for this program.  Contact Reception on 07 4728 2116 to organize a time for this (free) phone consultation.