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Blog by Brett Cunningham, Owner & Principal Physiotherapist Consistently over my 32 years of experience is how frustrating the rehabilitation/recovery is for TENDINITIS/BURSITIS. Very simplified, bursas are fluid-like sacs that lay deep down on the bones near the tendon attachments … Continue reading

Importance of Lower Limb Strength

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Do you have good lower limb strength? By: Pierre Joubert/ Physiotherapist Adequate lower limb strength can play a major role in preventing running/sport-related injuries. A test we often use is a Single Leg Press Test. The score we are hoping you … Continue reading

ACL Injury Treatment in Townsville

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ACL injury – the end of a sporting career? Or is there a different narrative? Blog by Pierre Joubert: Physiotherapy Australia has the highest reported rate of ACL injuries in the world and in the last 15 years it has … Continue reading

Pierre Joubert/Physiotherapist/Physio on Ross What is a Plica? A plica is commonly found on the anteromedial aspect of the knee, it is a fold of synovial membrane/ tissue. Plicae are only present in about 50% of the population and are … Continue reading

I sprained my Ankle!

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I sprained my ankle! “She’ll be right?” As Physio’s we often hear people say things like. “I rolled my ankle, but I did no rehab on it.” “I injured my ankle in soccer and it’s never felt the same.” “I … Continue reading