Physio 101 – What You Need To Know About Physio Treatment

Townsville Physiotherapist Brett Cunningham – How To Get Best Outcomes From Physio Treatments

Video Summary:
In this video Brett Cunningham explains the simple way to think about physiotherapy. It is about normalizing movement and making it efficient and pain-free.

Physiotherapists work to understand and address individual concerns and issues so that programs can tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Identifying areas that aren’t moving well or are stiff is essential. Also, areas that aren’t well stabilized or controlled are considered.

Weakness in certain areas may need to be addressed. Treatment programs are specialized based on the specific issue. Treatment approaches vary based on whether the issue is stiffness or muscle control.

Stiffness may require stretches, while control issues may need stabilization exercises.

Similar concerns can lead to different home programs based on individual assessments.

Muscles play a significant role in physiotherapy. Muscles exert pulling forces and affect body regions. Tight muscles can lead to breakdowns and pathology over time. Muscles can be conceptualized as mathematical vectors with pulling forces.

Different muscles exert forces in various directions. Muscles around the knee, such as the ITB, play specific roles. Understanding muscle anatomy is crucial for physiotherapy.

The VMO muscle can weaken, leading to specific issues. Physiotherapists assess and address muscle tightness and weakness.

Physiotherapy focuses on normalizing movement for each patient. The goal is to keep it simple and specific to the individual’s needs. Programs aim to improve mobility and reduce pain without causing irritation.