Knee Osteoarthritis help in Townsville

Osteoarthritis of the knee:

Osteoarthritis of the knee can be very debilitating. It is one of the most common chronic joint conditions in Australia and is the main reason for knee replacement surgery.

Physiotherapy is the leading primary health care option for the management of knee OA. Physiotherapy can help to delay or prevent the need for a total knee replacement.

When your joint is worn out and not functioning as it should, a graduated strengthening program can be the best option for you to help build up the muscles around the joint to ensure an increase in the knee joints function.

At Physio on Ross we will educate and develop a plan to help you self-manage your symptoms.

If you would like to know more about how physiotherapy can assist you with knee osteoarthritis please contact us at Physio on Ross by calling 4728 2116 or book online on our website.

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