Individual Hydrotherapy Pool Sessions

Townsville Physio Hydrotherapy - Individualized Treatment

Individual Hydrotherapy Pool Sessions With Physio On Ross

Hydrotherapy can be extremely effective at helping you recover from injury, and become stronger.  The water supports your weight so that:

  • You can relax and rehabilitate injured muscles and joints
  • The movement can help boost your immunity – by safely allowing the lymphatic fluids to move more efficiently around your body.  Movement is the method that this system uses to pump the fluids in your body through your filtration system.
  • You may reduce stress and pain.
  • You can do more and different movements in the water than you can on land!  The extra support plus the added safety (hard to fall over in the water!)  If you struggle to exercise, then hydrotherapy might be the tool you need.
  • It can also be fun!

Sessions are held on Thursday afternoons at Long Tan Pool at Heatley.  There is an excellent hydrotherapy pool with is specifically for this activity.  The pools is heated which can help with recovery, and makes the experience very comfortable.

Sessions are personalized, one-on-one treatments with Physiotherapist Riley.  Depending on your condition, the sessions usually last an hour.

Sessions are very popular with Workers Comp and DVA Clients, but also with private clients on a program.  You do need to book, and your first step is talk with Riley or Brett about whether this is suitable for you.

Call 4728 2116 to find out more.