Importance of Lower Limb Strength

Do you have good lower limb strength?

By: Pierre Joubert/ Physiotherapist

Adequate lower limb strength can play a major role in preventing running/sport-related injuries. A test we often use is a Single Leg Press Test.

The score we are hoping you would achieve is being able to single leg press close to 1 x your body weight. It is important to note that the test should be controlled and pain-free.

Standardised measures help us as Physiotherapists determine whether you are strong enough to return to your previous sport or activity/running.

If you have undergone an injury it is an important requirement before returning to sport that you undergo adequate functional testing. Tests like the lateral hop test, single leg hop test, and as mentioned the single leg press test often would form part of such a functional test.

We will be able to determine if you are at a low or high risk of further injury when we examine the key factors such as biomechanical control, agility and lower limb strength.

If you have sustained a knee, hip, or ankle injury this test applies to you. Please contact us here at Physio on Ross if you have any further questions or enquiries.