Do you treat work related injuries?

Blog by Pierre Joubert, Physiotherapist

“Work plays a fundamental part in an individual’s sense of wellbeing.”

Work for most people is a key determinant of self-worth, family
esteem, social participation, fulfilment and their identity within the
community. Without fulfilling work an individual may not achieve their
potential which may be at the expense of their families, their
communities and themselves. Work has also been confirmed to be of
great importance to an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Occupational rehabilitation may be defined as “the effort made to
maintain or return-to-work (RTW) those people who have sustained
work-related injuries or illness”. The injured worker’s recovery and
return to productive work are key objectives of this process.
Physiotherapists have an integral role to play in this process.

As Physiotherapists we treat injured and ill workers, as appropriate
to the nature of their injury or illness, at varying stages throughout
the span of the return to work process. Interventions can also include
workplace based ergonomic assessments, task analysis and implementing
risk management processes and specific manual handling techniques.

At Physio on Ross we recognise the importance of work-related physical
conditioning, functional education, independence and self-management.

Our focus consists of early intervention and identification of the
individual worker’s needs. The treatment would consist of hands-on
treatment options, education, self-management strategies and an active
rehabilitation process with exercise prescription. This will allow the
injured worker to also take ownership of their return to work process.

At Physio on Ross we are pleased to offer quality services including:
• Treatment of Workcover claims
• Functional capacity assessments (Pre-Employment Functional Assessments)
• Job analysis and risk assessments
• Manual handling training
• Ergonomic/ work station assessments

If you have a work related injury and would like to get it assessed the process would be to see your GP first.
The GP will need to complete a WorkCover certificate which should indicate Physio treatment for the specific injury.
As a general rule through WorkCover Queensland we will then get 5 initial sessions approved. (Private insurers will vary).

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.