Special Physiotherapy Offer For Defence Members & Extended Family

Special Physiotherapy Offer For Defence Members & Extended Family – Ends ANZAC Day.  Save $50.

Hi to everyone.  This is a short message from Brett Cunningham at Physio On Ross.  In short, we want to both help and show gratitude for everyone involved in the Defence Forces because it is very important and it can be tough on you and your family.

Sometimes there is not enough value in health insurance, so some families defer getting attention when it is needed.  In particular, injuries or problems that a good physio can help with are not sorted out.  Often it is just because life is busy, but sometimes the money can be an issue.

Here is what we are proposing:

From now until the Friday after Anzac Day, we are halving the cost of Initial Appointments for all Defence members and their families. 

This will save you about $50, and might just convince you to get the attention that will make you or your family feel much better.

There is no test to prove association with Defence for this offer.  Your dad may have served, or your grandmother.  Or if they need some attention – send them in!  Just tell us when you arrive.


That’s all I wanted to say for now.

Handy Things To Know

  • Physio sessions are available on Saturday mornings – you need to book in early as lots of people find this the best time (or can’t get off work easily)
  • Our normal consultations allow up to a FULL HOUR (and you don’t pay more).  This allows the time needed to get to the real core of the issues, create an simple and effective plan, and give you some relief today.
  • Booked Out?  If the online booking system says there are no spots available and you need attention now – CALL TRISH on 4728 2116 and she will move a mountain or two to fit you in somehow.
  • Treatment Plan.  When you leave after an appointment with us, you will have a clear, written plan and timeline for your treatment program. This is the key to the best results, both in the short and long term.

Thanks everyone.

Brett Cunningham

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