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Townsville Physiotherapists Working To Get You Moving Better, Sooner

Physio On Ross has become known as the personal physiotherapist who can help you with almost any physical pain or muscular condition. Located in the Townsville suburb of Annandale opposite the Annandale Medical Centre with easy access off street parking and wheelchair accessibility, it is a focus of our friendly team to make it both easy and pleasurable to come and see them.

Commenced in 2004, Physio On Ross excel at providing physiotherapy services to manage the acute phase of pain with a special interest in the chronic and highly complicated rehabilitation needs of patients. Due to their experience, the Physio On Ross team are able to effectively involve each patient as an active part of their own rehabilitation. This personal focus has helped achieve phenomenal results because each patient owns a personal stake and keen interest in their own health and recovery. The key component of this approach is that patients are not alone. They are part of a dedicated and highly focused expert team working to facilitate that patients specific recovery.

No Production Line

When you visit our practice, you won’t feel like you’re on a production line. We purposely space out appointments so that there is no rush and if your appointment needs extra time, you get it! We take the time to carefully understand your situation, explain what we learn so that you understand what is causing your pain and you also understand how we are going to approach your individualised treatment. We ensure that you are happy and in total agreement with our approach and ensure it fits with your lifestyle and work. We will work with you to implement the solution which may include a range of approaches including a home exercise programme to assist in your recovery. At all times we are available to help you either via the phone, email or if you prefer, come in and ask us a question.

We are committed to your positive results. Your success is an important part of how we measure our success.

Physiotherapy Services For Local Business and Sporting Teams

As an important part of the local community, the experienced team here at Physio On Ross are dedicated to helping local business and sporting teams at work, sport and play. We’ve worked with Townsville Junior Tennis, Queensland Rail, CSR-Sugar, TP Human Capital labour recruitment and others.

Mission Statement

  • To provide high quality, personalised physiotherapy treatments to all of our customers and include each patient as part of a focused team dedicated to getting that patient functioning normally and effectively.
  • Effectively educate and communicate with our patients, enabling them to take a stake in their own health and recovery.
  • Help our patients to better health and a better quality of life, no matter what their condition.